Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year everyone! We enter the new year with the same old weather pattern. Warm, mild, and snowless. The first week of January 2007 looks to be very similar to the way most of January 2006 was. Tomorrow will be a fairly mild day for January with highs in the mid 40's regionwide; 30's in northern New England. Wednesday southwest winds will increase and warm air from the southwest will flood into New England. Highs by Wednesday will soar nicely into the lower 50's. As the high pressure system moves further offshore, towards Bermuda, "Bermuda High" highs will soar Thursday into the mid - upper 50's. I cannot even rule out the possibility of an isolated 60 degree reading. Friday into Saturday, our warm spell will continue and rain will move in by Friday night into Saturday morning, looking like Friday night could be quite damp, but not white.

Pats game against the Jets looks to be nice at this point, but we will be entering an unsettled weather pattern at the end of this week with many storms riding along a front. Enjoy the warmth this week. As others have backed down from the approaching pattern change for mid - month, I am still forecasting a major pattern change back to more persistent cold for the Northeast, I am not so sure that areas in the Mid Atlantic, south of Philadelphia will get all that cold. We will see. More updates on the incredible warmth, December '06 was the warmest month on record since the late 1800's. Average temperature of 41.7 degrees for the month, shattering the old record.

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