Thursday, January 04, 2007


You think its warm out there, just wait until Saturday. You don't know what is warm for Saturday. Before that, we will have a decent day temperature wise tomorrow with highs soaring into the mid - upper 50's with cloudy skies and rain off and on. Saturday will feature AMAZING warmth with highs soaring into the 60's. If we get enough sunshine, which I think we will, highs will easily soar into the mid 60's. That is just how warm this airmass that is moving into our area will be. Some towns may come in with a 66 or 67 degree reading as well, if we get into enough sunshine. I am going with a high of 65 with any rain showers ending early and sunshine developing around noon and beyond. It will be a steamy day...maybe even time to break out the shorts? Possible, amazingly.

We will cool down for Sunday, the Pats game will be nice and mild. Gametime temperatures will be around 50 and hover around 50 most of the game, under mostly sunny skies. Monday we will cool down some more with rain likely, a cold rain at that with highs generally around 40 or 42. Rain/snow line, if the precip makes it that far will be in southern VT and NH and northwestern MA, in the Berkshires. We continue to cool for Tuesday and Wednesday with highs likely staying in the lower 30's by Wednesday. Won't that be a shock to the system, after Saturday's record warmth.

Looking for the cold to persist? Not this time, it looks like the cold air will be in and out by late week next week we will be back to above normal temperatures by 5 - 10 degrees. I don't think we will see a significant change in the pattern to more persistent cold until after Jan. 18th, or when the NAO looks to be tanking negative in the long term forecasts, which it does not appear any time soon, sadly. We will get winter, i think. Thats all for today.


Anonymous said...

JEN- 65 degrees...thats almost unheard of. I guess I will bring out the shorts.

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Its in the low 60's right now...record?

Anonymous said...

ERIC- I think BOS hit 62 today, tied the record.

Tomorrow we have another shot of breaking the record of 62. NWS highs are now 66 for Woburn!

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Tomorrow's Jan. 6th right?

Wow, I am just at a loss for words. Today's forecasted highs were off the forecasted high of about 58 by 4 degrees.

Could we be talking about 70 degrees in BOSTON for the SIXTH OF JANUARY?!

Like I said I am at a loss for words.

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Okay, its 7:30 AM and the temperature is already 62. At my house its 62.2 already! WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

ERIC- The high today was 70.6 in the shade at my house. I just got home from the Bruins game and it felt like it was mid July.

It was unbelievable.

Andrew said...

Well, my forecast was just about a bust. The high at my house was 72 today, way off of my forecasted high of 65. Highs were in the upper 60's to low 70's throughout SNE today, with the exception of mid 50's to 60 on the Cape and Islands.

What a nice spring day.