Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First New England Hurricane in 18 Years...Danny is Born!

Danny is born! May we be talking about our first New England hit in over 18 years since the landfalling on Hurricane Bob in 1991? I think this is our best shot in a long while. We have been watching the progression of the ULL near the Bahamas waiting for it to get its act together since about Sunday and Monday and finally, at 10AM today, the NHC upgraded this area of convection to a Tropical Storm by the name of Danny with sustained winds around its exposed center around 45 mph. The above shows the preliminary track for Danny as we head into the weekend. As you can see, it is a big threat for the east coast, especially the Northeast and New England coasts. The NHC's track would bring 'Danny' up over SE Mass/Cape as a minimal hurricane, a hurricane rocketing to the NNE probably near 30-40 mph, if not more. Once it gets into the more northern lattitudes, 'Danny' will quickly start to lose its tropical characteristics and become a hybrid storm over Maine. However, it will still slam areas with hurricane force winds from Portland, ME to Augusta. Depending on the track...Boston could be very close to the 'eye' wall in the worst case scenario and see very damaging winds in the city itself (glass skyscrapers). We will have to monitor this situation very closely and really see if 'Danny' can get his act together in the next 24 hours because all the potential is there and the pattern is shaping up for a real New England special. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This could be one we are talking about for years to come!