Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Chill Dominates

The chilly weather will dominate through this weekend and all of next week. A chill that we will have to get used to because it looks like this chilly pattern we just entered could last through Valentine's Day and may even go right through February. Tomorrow will feature partly cloudy skies for all of us getting last minute chips and dip and making the last rounds to the liquor stores before the Pats - Colts game. It shouldn't be brutally cold or nearly as windy as it is today with temperatures around 30. Gametime in Indianapolis will feature some light snow, but it doesn't matter as they'll be in the nice 72 degree RCA Dome.

Dry and cold weather continues through midweek with temperatures generally in the upper 20's to lower 30's with partly cloudy skies. Dull, boring weather is dominating. That may change by the end of next week, I am eye-ing Thursday, especially Thursday night into Friday, for a change of this dull, boring weather, but that is still 5 - 6 days away and that is plenty of time for the forecast to change. As we saw with the last storm, it wasn't totally resolved on the computer models until the thing actually started. For now, I am playing the conservative route and just throw it out there that there may be a potent coastal storm sometime late this upcoming week. Just throw it in the back of your mind.

Well, it looks like I covered the forecast today, and there is nothing much else to talk about. Try not getting blown away today with the wind gusts approaching 50 mph.

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