Tuesday, January 02, 2007



WEDNESDAY: A very nice day, with partly cloudy skies. SW wind 10 - 20 mph. Highs lower to mid 50's.

THURSDAY: Another nice and mild day. SW winds 10 - 20 mph. Highs upper 50's to around 60.

FRIDAY: Wet day overall. Widespread showers and rain. Rainfall may exceed 0.5" to 1.00". All rain into northern New England. Highs SNE lower to mid 50's. NNE highs in the 40's.

SATURDAY: Rain showers tapering early morning. May continue to be cloudy/drizzly through noon. Clouds may break early afternoon which will yield to near record highs. (lower 60's) Record for Boston is 62, we may come very close. Very mild overnight with lows in the middle 40's.

SUNDAY: Looks to be good for the Pats - Jets game. Partly Cloudy skies with increasing cloudiness late afternoon with approaching storm from the SW, riding along a stationary front. Highs in the mid 50's. Gametime temperatures (1 PM) 53 at kickoff to 48 when the Pats win.

MONDAY: Weak storm system riding to our south. May spread rain mainly south of the Mass Pike. Areas north of the Pike may be cold enough for a marginal rain/snow event if the precipitation moves that far north, but I wouldn't bet my life on that. Will likely see just showers south of the Pike with perhaps a more steady, but light, rain on the South Coast and down on the Cape and Islands. Temperatures will likely have a large spread. Highs north of the Pike to southern NH will likely stay in the upper 30's to around 40. South of the Pike ranging from the mid 40's to around 50 down on the Cape and Islands. Turning briefly colder for Tuesday before we warm up all over again.

DISCUSSION: Well, it seems like we are living in some place other than Boston or New England. Ridiculously warm temperatures will continue again tomorrow and for the rest of the week until perhaps Monday. Before that, we may come close to RECORD WARM temperatures on Saturday, especially closer to the coast with highs likely in the the upper 50's to near 60. Boston record for Saturday is 62, so I figured why not, we've been so mild, we might as well get another record out of it. Sunday will "cool" a bit with mid 50's before a cold front meanders with our area for early next week which may give some some wintry precipiation, but a little wet snow or sleet would be all that we would see. No accumulation. Then we go into a little cold spell for Tuesday with normal temperatures, mainly in the mid 30's. Thereafter, we will warm right back up, the way it looks right now into the mid - upper 40's to around 50 to end off the week next week. However, I am still eyeing a potential Pattern Change for the time period of January 16 - 18th, for a change in the jet stream with the Pac Jet becoming more amplified in the West, forcing cold air from the north in Canada, namely the North Pole, to slide in here with a Polar Vortex in northern Canada funneling the cold air into the eastern third of the country with above normal temperatures in the West for a change. So, today the 2nd, I am still all aboard for the PATTERN CHANGE. It just may be delayed a bit from my earlier thinking. Thats all for today, like I have been saying all winter, enjoy the warmth. Its New England, it can't last forever?


Anonymous said...

ERIC- Nice forecast...NOT.

Joel, since I am not able to post on your site, I have to let you know that on your banner, I think you have been spelling "QUIET" wrong for so long and its spelled "QUITE"

Maybe you just got the letters mixed up...but I remember this past summer it said "The tropics look QUITE for the next 7-10 days."

Just a friendly critisism. No harm.

Joel said...

You should definitely be able to post on my site, you just have to confirm the security code (which prevents against spamming). If it doesn't, let me know.

And thank you for pointing that out...there is an unnecessary comma in there, as it should read "quite mild weather..."

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Oh, ok lol...Last time I tried to post on your site it did an old Foot thing and said that the comment was saved and will be visible by the administrator (you) and.....didn't show up though, but that was a long time ago...I'll try again.