Monday, January 22, 2007


With this winter of disappointments its pick your poison. Do you want it warm and wet or do you want it cold and dry. Both are equally depressing in my opinion, but to tell you the truth I would rather have warm and wet because at least you know that there won't be any snow. This type of weather pattern is killing because there is nothing worse than having a storm go out to sea, which is happening right now and will happen again on Thursday.

There will be some snow tonight, but the operative word is "some." Some places will see snow showers, while others see scattered flurries. If you see a steadier snow shower tonight, you may pick up a coating to an inch, but thats about it. Then partly cloudy and then the miss Thursday will usher in the coldest air we've seen in years. Lows on Friday morning will be widespread in the below zero range. It will be battery killing cold. Highs on Friday will be only about 5 to 10 degrees above in SNE and -5 to 5 above in NNE. It will be ridiculously cold with a biting north wind as well, making it feel in the -15 to -30 degree range in the afternoon from South to North. Thereafter, we "warm" up immediately on Saturday with highs around 30 and then Sunday we will be in the 30's.

So, to repeat myself, cold and dry will be the rule and dangerous cold will be here by Friday. I don't think a map is necessary for tonight's event, so don't expect one later on.

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Andrew said...

I forgot to change the percents again, but Tues is right...all others are 0.