Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yes, the cold air was here today. It will be here tomorrow. I will have to make this a quick post because I have a paper due tomorrow. So it will be short and sweet. I agree that the "warm" air will make a run back at us for Friday and most of Saturday. I am not totally bought on an all rainstorm for Sunday - Monday quite yet, although that is the way I am leaning, towards a mostly rain event for areas in SNE. NNE may be a different story all together. That storm busts through and by Tuesday we are into the true Arctic air. Highs will likely be in the 20's and it will feel even colder with a biting north wind. Windchills will be in the 10's. Thereafter, we will be looking for our next snow threat, and I mean snow threat. No rain with the pattern upcoming next week and beyond.

More on the Martin Luther King Day storm potential in the days to come.

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Anonymous said...

ERIC- Las Vegas is under a WINTER STORM WATCH.

Enough said.