Friday, January 19, 2007


Don't I have my head in between my tail. I will admit it. I totally busted the forecast last night and blew it in a big way for most N&W. SE of Boston was mostly rain and got that, but to the NW, I totally blew it. There was nowhere near 2-5" just N&W of Boston. I live 12 mi NW of Boston and saw a skim coating washed away overnight and this morning with a snow shower move through around 9AM. Lemonster got about an inch, but other than that, my forecast was a BUST.

The forecast remains quiet and cold, allbeit windy tomorrow with a High Wind Watch as winds may gust to between 45 - 55mph. Windchills tomorrow night may be around zero to 15 below. Cold continues into early next week with a storm heading out south of us on Tuesday that may deposit a few inches on the Capital, believe it or not. Thereafter, we may go into a stormy pattern with a blocking pattern with cold and storms developing off the coast and riding up the coast, so we could get some interesting weather late next week. However, I will be playing the extremely conservative route with this one and not overforecast it, like I have done with the past two storms.

Its official. This winter just plain blows.

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