Saturday, December 30, 2006


Doing a quick little post this morning before the snow starts falling here outside of Boston. I thought I would show you the radar of the upcoming clipper with its snow shield. The red line corresponds to where it is actually snowing right now. For a clipper, that is pretty good. One reason for the great saturation of the atmosphere was that a feeder band of "virga" snow moved through our area last night, moistening up the atmoshere, making it so that now when the snow moves overhead of you, it only takes a little bit to get it snowing. This snow event will be a quick 3-5, maybe 6 hour period of light to perhaps moderate snow. Visibilities will come down to about 1/2 mi to 3/4 mi during the peak. I was looking at observations in Upstate New York around Saranac Lake, and they were reporting heavy snow with a visibility of just 1/4 mile. So we will get into the "action" even here in SNE. Snowfall accumulations are about the same as yesterday...maybe an isolated inch or two more common even down towards interior Rhode Island. (NE RI) Also, NW Worcester County and NW MA may see a scattered 3" amount out of this system. Still going with the "Jackpot" area in central VT, where 2-4" of snow may accumulate. SW NH may see 2-3". Have fun in the snow. I won't mention the bad news, aka...the extended


Andrew said...

Well, checking NOAA, I just found out that my "Jackpot" area is now under a SNOW ADVISORY.

This includes Saranac Lake, NY; and much of central/northern VT...including Burlington, Middlebury, Montpelier, and Rutland. Snowfall accumulations may total between 3-5", with an isolated 6" amount in higher elevations.

Lets see if this gets extended...this forecast is officially in a wait and see mode..really no forecasting ahead of time here.

Snow line moving into extreme southern NH and VT. Should start in Keene shortly if it not already has.

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Here in Woburn...about 12:20PM and it is starting to sleet/snow with a temperature of 33.5 degrees. That should fall to between 30-32 shortly.

Looking at the radar, there is a decent shot of snow coming at us from Manchester, NH.

We shall see what we get...Essex Co. may get plastered with 2-3"(+)

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Woburn is a WINTER WONDERLAND right now with light - moderate snow that has been going on for about 2 hours. Right now I would say that we have about an inch of snow. Still coming down at a good clip. is it in Rhode Island?

Anonymous said...

Snow is coming to an end here in Woburn, MA.

Picked up a pretty good snow, surprisingly. Was out and cars forgot how to drive in the snow...many I saw were on the side of the road and a Toyota Corolla spun out right in front of me going down a main road hilly spot. She slammed right into he curb. Its dangerous out there.

Just went out there and measured...

Woburn got about 1.25"!

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Woburn Snowfall...