Monday, December 25, 2006

SKI RESORTS SMILING TONIGHT... this is getting a little ridiculous. Another Christmas has come and gone and we are back to where we started. A snowless winter. I don't know what is causing this awful winter, whether it be El Nino, the strong PAC jet soaring across the country, or global warming, but it is starting to get depressing. This is just not a Boston winter at all. This type of winter has been comparable to an average Richmond, VA or Raleigh, NC average winter. Not that of a New England or Boston winter which is famous for its wintertime snowscapes. This is just getting sad.

Now that I have got that out of my system, lets look to the extended forecast to see if my prayers will be answered. In short, no. Don't get me wrong, snow will be falling in New England tomorrow and Winter Storm Warnings are posted for the spine of the Green Mountains and northern Vermont for 7-11" of snow, with Winter Weather Advisories for the valleys of Vermont and northern New Hampshire and much of Maine for about 3-5" of snow with ice/sleet further south. In northernmost Maine, Snow Adviories have been posted for about a good 4-7" snowfall from this storm system. Its snow and the ski areas desperately need it, but for a late December snowstorm in Northern New England, this ain't much, ain't much at all. This storm once looked very promising for a good 12"+ a few days ago, but has since weakened and lessened on the charts. Oh well, ski country will take what they can get and they will be making more snow with the colder temperatures forecasted.
Speaking of the colder temperatures, its going to go to seasonable levels around here by Wednesday through Thursday with temperatures generally in the mid-upper 30's in SNE to upper 20's to lower 30's in NNE. It will actually feel like wintertime for a change instead of this constant spring feeling we've delt with since it seems forever. Friday we will begin to moderate again ahead of the next storm. What else is new?
It looks like we will be having a wet holiday weekend next weekend to ring in the new year. It looks like a moderate to strong storm system will be taking shape in the middle Plain states and throw Gulf moisture all the way up the East Coast with moderate to heavy rains and warm temperatures once again. Too warm for snow, possibly even for NNE as well. It looks, at this point, that it will be another Great Lakes cutter, which will be a similar setup for precip type as we are dealing with tonight and tomorrow, but this one may be a tad warmer. So early call on this one is a mostly RAIN EVENT for SNE with a possible RAIN/MIX EVENT in NNE and the mountains. I know this is a very important weekend coming up with many "unsober" people driving Sunday night, so I will keep you intuned on the latest thinkings of this forecast.
Well, I think that is all for tonight and will just end it by saying Merry Christmas. I hope you all had a good one.

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Andrew said...

Sorry...I forgot to change the chance of precip in the forecast.

Here they are...

TUES: 100% (duh)
WED: 0%
THU: 0%
FRI: 20%
SAT: 60%
SUN: 50%

Sorry bout that...looks kinda stupid with that Tuesday forecast showing rain with a 0% chance of