Saturday, December 16, 2006


Another New England December day and another day approaching 60 degrees. This has pretty much become the norm. Tomorrow will be one of the nicest days since about last week. Skies will be mostly sunny with temperatures soaring to between 55-60. The Patriots are hosting the Houston Texans tomorrow at Gillette at 1PM. I am forecasting gametime temperatures to be at 59 degrees. During the course of the game it may nudge 60 and then fall through the mid 50's by the time it ends. Monday will be the last mild to warm day for a while as we will be having a short return to winter temperatures. Highs Monday will be around 50-55.

Monday night we will see a sprinkle or two and as the cold front moves through our area from the NW during the course of the night, those sprinkles may turn into a snowflake or two. Maybe enough moisture to squeeze out a snowshower in the hills of Worcester and Keene, NH. A dusting there maybe? Thats about it. I should at least mention that there is the smallest chance that with the NNW winds, we could see some OES on the outermost Cape during the evening hours of Tuesday with perhaps a coating of snow, but that is not what I am forecasting at the moment.

Wednesday will be mighty chilly around here with highs struggling to make it into the upper 20's in Worcester, to lower 30's around Boston, and mid-upper 30's on the South Coast and Cape. That will be all of the cold we will see as we will be pushing 40 on Thursday and then pushing 50-55 again on Friday with rain likely holding off now until Christmas "Eve" Eve. It looks like a storm will be heading well to our west, so we will be on the warm sector of the storm with showery rains and mild temperatures. Sorry, I wish I had better news. All you eastern weather forum guys will be going crazy with this forecast. I am too. I am too.

Thereafter, it may cool down slightly again after Christmas Day, but I see no reason why it would be anything more than a shortlived coolspell like what we will see on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

If you just moved to Boston and you think this is normal, I want to stick up for the Boston Winter and say this is definitely the exception. It is usually not like this. Hopefully, we will be able to show all you newcomers our true colors soon. Until then, enjoy our California treat.

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