Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Good late afternoon everyone! Today's event got me nervous when the snow was coming down heavily around 2PM and starting to stick to everything where I live. However, temperatures were about 33-35 degrees here in eastern Mass, so it did turn to mostly rain after about 3PM and now its 40 degrees at Boston. Some parts in western Mass did pick up between 2-4" of snow, even a 6" lollipop in Hampshire County out west. So the map did well from last night.

Now we will be frigid the next few days. Tomorrow will only manage mid and upper teens for highs, with blustery conditions, making it feel more like zero above to ten below. Thursday morning will be very cold with lows dipping down to -5 to -10 degrees out in western Mass with the deepest snowpack, to 0 to +10 in eastern Massachusetts. Then we will moderate to around freezing on Friday and then the January Thaw commences and we will take a break from winter and head into spring for at least a 7-10 day period with 40's by this weekend and perhaps 50's next week with the chance of us getting into the 60's for at least a day or two during the peak of the 'heat.' It will cool down after that, but the damage will have been done and all snow will probably be melted by the time the cold returns sometime after January 15th.

So get ready for some cold short term, and then we may be able to shed that winter coat for a spring jacket come next week, lasting for a couple weeks.

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