Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Record High Set in Boston Today

Today was more of that of the weather we experience in early May! Highs today around SNE got into the mid and upper 60's. Boston set a new record high, shattering the old record of 64, with a new daily high of 66 degrees. The snow was melting really fast today, but I still have most of the snowpack in my yard, still a good 3-6". Melting will continue for the next 48 hours, coupled with rain tomorrow, most spots will start to go bare tomorrow and if not tomorrow, Thursday. This snowpack under 10" doesn't have a chance. Friday will be another rainy day with over one inch of rainfall possible, which will wipe out most of our snowfall. It may not be gone for long though as we will start to cool down this weekend, back into the mid 30's on Sunday, and then Monday we watch towards the south and watching a possible storm that could affect our area. Its still six days out so we will just continue to watch it. I won't go into anymore conversation about this storm threat. Just stick it in the back of your mind with all the other important stuff, like when to pick up the kids from practice, what to make for dinner, and other important stuff.

Thats all for today, nothing more to really talk about. Get outside and enjoy the warmth!

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