Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold Eases, Here Comes the Warmth!

Wow, today was brutally cold with highs only barely getting above 10 degrees in many areas of SNE with wind chills of below zero all day today. Tonight, the wind is easing, allowing temperatures to fall lower than what they did last night, but it will not feel as cold as winds will fall to near zero. This will allow temperatures to hit rock bottom. Writing this at 10PM, many areas are already between 0-5 degrees above zero. By later on tonight, I would suspect that Boston will drop to about 6 degrees, while its suburbs will drop to between -5 to 0 degrees. Places out in Worcester County and out towards western Mass will drop below -10 degrees tonight, but wind chills will be around there as well. No wind chills of -15 to -25 degrees tomorrow morning, thankfully. However, given the low temperatures, we will see a remarkable rebound tomorrow to around 30 degrees. In some areas, temperatures will rise some 30-40 degrees from their morning lows. This is called a SW wind my friends. It can only warm us so quick. I have a map there from the NOAA Predicitions center for the next 6-10 days. As you can see, everyone east of the old Mississippi River will be seeing above to much above normal temperatures. By the end of this weekend, we will be pushing 50 degrees here in SNE, but we will be pushing 60 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. While we warm up, the West will cool down and right now there are many winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings, and tons of other winter weather advisories out there as we speak. Its their turn for a little while. Again, I am keeping my expectations that the cold will return around January 15th. The dates for when the true cold will return may waver by a few days here and there, but mid month looks to be when the cold may return to the East. This would be right around the time of the Patriots first playoff game and that could make for an interesting game if we would be able to get a storm to return the cold back to New England. Its way out there, so I won't even speculate. Just know that the cold is whaning tomorrow and with light winds and mostly sunny skies the high of 32 degrees will feel downright balmy. Then it will get balmy around these parts later this weekend and into next week. It will be great. We may actually be able to see our lawns again. I know I haven't seen my lawn since about December 3rd, which will be just over a month, which is pretty good for keeping a snowcover around these parts. Thats all for tonight, more tomorrow.

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