Friday, January 04, 2008

Sayonara Cold, Welcome Warmth

Today was the last day we will have for a while that features temperatures below 32 degrees. Many spots only managed highs in the upper 20's to around 30 this afternoon, but this cold will soon be a thing of the past. Tomorrow will feel like spring with temperatures getting all the way up to around 40 degrees, after balmy morning lows up into the 20's. Sunday is a step in the right direction with about a ten degree swing warmer. Temperatures on Sunday will be getting up to around 50 degrees. All of this warmth will be done with partly cloudy skies, so we will actually be able to enjoy this abnormal warmth in January outside instead of watching it from the window because its raining. It will rain next week, but not until say Wednesday night or Thursday, but before that we get really mild around these parts and on Monday, we are appoaching 60 degrees in the Boston metro area. You think that is warm? Just look to Tuesday. There will be UNBELIEVABLE WARMTH around here on Tuesday with partly cloudy skies and a strong southwest gale pumping in some really warm air. Many spots around Boston will be coming over 60 degrees this day with some spots getting all the way into the mid 60's. For January 8th, that ain't too shabby. We stay mild into Wednesday ahead of the next storm system and frontal system that will cool us down into next weekend, but even the cooldown next weekend does not look all that bad. Instead of daily departures in the +15 to +25 degree range for daily highs, we will be more like in the +5 to +10 category for departures. Thereafter, I think we will cool down significantly with multiple storm threats and will stick to my guns that January 15th will be the turning point back to a colder wintertime pattern. By the end of the month, it could get pretty cold around these parts which will increase our chances for some much needed snow by then after all of our snow will melt this upcoming week. After Sunday morning, I don't see Boston getting below freezing until say next weekend!

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