Monday, January 14, 2008

One Down, Another on Deck

I hope you are getting all your shoveling done with this past snowstorm. It did not pan out just as I'd hope for many areas, basically everyone got low ends of my ranges or even less, but it was still a very heavy snowstorm. In general it was a 6-12" snowstorm for SNE with isolated amounts of up to 14-15". The South Shore and Cape did not fair as well with only a coating down there as the low departed. This storm is pretty much done, just the Heavy Snow Warning goes for the coast until 3PM. Again, heaviest of the snow was in Worcester County where up to 15" of snow fell. Now we look to the next storm and it looks like this one will be a mainly rainstorm for the folks that got blasted with this latest round of winter weather. The snow will be confined to the mountains of CNE and NNE. Here is where there is the potential of seeing over one foot of snowfall. This would be in VT, NH, and ME. Boston looks to be all rain with this one with the area of low pressure tracking up the Connecticutt River Valley. I could see Albany, NY getting whalloped with several inches.


Royalston 14.5"

Athol 13.5"

Leverett 12.0"

Millbury 11.8"

South Hadley 11.5"

Southwick 10.5"

Topsfield 8.5"

Woburn 8.0"

Georgetown 7.0"

Rockport 7.0"

Boston 6.4"

Worcester 6.2"

Providence 4.5"

That's all for now. If you are a student, I hope you enjoyed your snow day...back to school tomorrow.

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