Monday, January 21, 2008

Not a Big Storm, but Problematic Nonetheless

This is not going to be a storm that goes down in the record books. It will, however, be enough to mess up the latter part of the evening drive. A snowy/sleety mess should push into SNE sometime after 3PM and only last for about a six hour period. Right now I don't think anyone will see over 1-2" of snow, with an isolated 3" amount over the Litchfield Hills or our Worcester Hills. That 'heavy' band will move into the northwestern suburbs of Boston as well, with Boston seeing mostly a rain/snow mix that doesn't accumulate. South and east of Boston there won't be much of anything. Probably some wet snowflakes at the onset and final minutes of the storm and then its over for you. South Coast, Cape and Islands, nothing but rain. So its not anything to write home about, but I wanted to mention it because it will be snowing tomorrow night and didn't want to have everyone totally off guard. More tomorrow, now back to studying.

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