Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friday Morning Mess

10PM UPDATE: Here is the update within hours of the snow's arrival into the Boston area. I just wanted to post the radar map from Accuweather that shows a healthy swatch of snow developing in NW New Jersey and heading into Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Right now the snow is on Worcester's doorstep and should be encompassing the Boston area by 11PM. In Boston proper, it should start as some big wet flakes before quickly changing to rain as they are already up to 34 degrees with a wind off the water. Just inland, temperatures are in the 29-31 degree range, so there will be some accumulation as close as Cambridge. The storm has overperformed in the Mid Atlantic, giving the Baltimore, MD area a good 3-5" snowstorm. Even DC got a couple sloppy inches of snow from this one with areas northwest of these cities getting between 6-8" of snowfall. This band will move through tonight and many will stay snow through the early morning hours and I am keeping with my call from last night. A regionwide 1-3", not Boston, but tonight, I want to mention that areas north and west of Worcester to Nashua, NH could see up to 4-5" of wet snowfall. Here is where I think a few school delays or closings will be possible. Closer to Route 128, a good 1-2" of snow is forecasted with nothing for the city. Maybe a skim coating over to pure rainfall and temperatures in the mid 30's. More on the storm tomorrow morning as we assess it.

UPDATE ON FRIDAY STORM: It now looks like colder air will get involved with this storm system and give all of SNE a period of snow, except the Cape and Islands for at least a little while overnight Thursday and early Friday morning. It will be a fast moving period of precipitation that will likely move into the Boston area around 2AM Friday morning, earlier south of here. It will start as snow for everyone and then quickly change to rain along the coast, including Boston and inside I-95. We will probably see no accumulation on the light blue area, just the fact there will be some wet snow falling before the swich to rain. Then in the darker blue is where most of SNE will fall. Here is where a longer period of snow, likely 2-4 hours of moderate to heavy snowfall that could deposit a quick 1-3" before a switch to rain inside of Route 495 and maybe some freezing rain in Worcester County and into southern NH. Where it stays all snow in northern New England, a quick 3-5" of snow will fall in about a six hour period from Friday morning, ending early afternoon. The precipitation will taper here in the Boston area between 10-12PM. Not a big deal, but enough to maybe cause some delays for your Friday morning commute. Nothing like this past Monday. End of the weekend still looks to be on track for bitter air with temperatures in the teens for the Pats AFC Championship game against the Chargers.

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