Monday, January 07, 2008

Record Warmth Tomorrow

Little in the forecast has changed. We are pretty much locked in to a really warm Tuesday. Tomorrow will feel like mid-late April with highs in the lower 60's in SNE. Many towns will come over to 60-62 degrees for tomorrow. That will set the stage for a very warm Wednesday morning with lows staying between 45-50 degrees, so you can bet that there will be much melting of whatever is left on the ground after tomorrow's blowtorch. Wednesday will start rainy and gradually clear later in the day. Early morning temperatures up until about noon will come up to between 55-60 degrees. Then they will start to come down later in the day. Thursday will be cooler, setting the stage for a cold rainstorm on Friday. Temperatures across New England will be in the 30's, so that will save NNE of seeing any catastrophic or even major flooding, where snowfall depths are still in the 10-20" range. We have a mild Saturday until we start to cool down later Sunday, back to the mid 30's.

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