Monday, December 31, 2007


Here is the final call for the 2008 NYD storm. It is basically perting out on all the models this afternoon and it looks like at least portions of SNE will prodominently see a rainstorm out of this one. Places like Boston to near Worcester, Plymouth, Providnce will all see mainly ain out of this one. Sorry, I wish I had better news for you guys. The boundry layer will just be too warm here for anything ore than a few sleet pellets mixed in with the moderate to heavy rainfall, that will be short-lived. Not drawn out like the NAM was showing us yesterday afternoon. There will still be snow with this system. If you travel to the hills of Worcester County and western Mass you will pick up between 2-4" of snowfall. SNH will see about the same as that as well. Here it will be a gloppy snow with temperatures 31-33 degrees. The areas that see rain will be more like 34-35 degrees, which will make all the difference. Upstairs, the temperature will be cold enough to support snow, it will be that last 1000-2000 feet that will turn things over to rain across the coastal plain. Central New England will do the best with this storm, picking up a quick hitting 4-7" of snow, with amounts dropping off as you go north, 1-3". In the end, this will be our last 'winter' storm for a while, as we will be going into an extended warming trend by this weekend, after a brief stint with Arctic air. Thursday, highs will be in the mid and upper teens.

In about a week, temperatures will be soaring into the 40's to perhaps the 50's and after about a 10 day stint of departures of +4 to +8 degrees, we will start to return to a wintertime pattern. BTW, Boston did not break the record. Only picked up 0.8" of snow from this past storm, bringing them to 27.7" for the month of December, just 0.3" shy of setting the new record.

Thats it for 2007, I will see you next year.

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