Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finally a Reprieve!

Last week was one of those rare jam packed weeks with every night something new was happening, whether it be rain/ice/snow. Thursday many areas across SNE picked up between 8-12" of snowfall. Today many areas picked up 7-11" of snowfall, making a four day total of 15-23" of snowfall. The snowbanks are pretty much unreal right now where I live. Boston has seen 19" of snow so far, couple with the 1.3" it saw on December 2-3, Boston is now over 20" of snow for the month of December. It kind of snuck up on us. I am already over 24" for the season so far! And winter hasn't even started. This week looks to be much quieter than last week, but cold nonetheless. The snow will not be going anywhere soon. I've got an 18" snowpack right now with a glaze of ice. Its amazing out there. Tomorrow will be a cold and windy day with wind chills in the teens all day. We try to warm up this week, but we will likely not budge 32 degrees until next weekend, with a storm JUST missing us to the south on Friday. That will need to be watched. It doesn't look like a major deal at this point in time right now. Maybe some snow for the Philadelphia and New York City areas. I think we can share. I think we will get that white Christmas, but lets not bank on it just yet!

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