Sunday, December 02, 2007

FINAL CALL: Dec. 2-3 Snowstorm

This is my final call for the storm coming into our area tonight. The first snowbands are coming into my area now. I upgraded the totals a bit from yesterday afternoon, due to the fact that the storm has been colder than the models have been showing across the country and that today only made it to 24-27 degrees, when yesterday forecasts where calling for 30-35 degrees. Secondly, the NAM went colder for north of the Pike and has this area in mostly snow now. It has had three straight runs of making it colder. Thats it.

Cape Cod sees some snow showers tonight and will see a dusting to rain, all will wash away.

The pink area includes Hartford, Providence, and immediate Boston. Here we will see a longer period of snowfall, changing over around daybreak. Before that 1-3" may fall and before the flip to rain we will see a period of sleet or freezing rain.

The light blue area includes Worcester, Bedford, to Lowell and Lawrence. Here the snow will last longer, before a switch to sleet or freezing rain. Plain rain will not even likely make it to this area. 3-6" is likely here.

Northern New England gets the bonanza with this storm. Southern New Hampshire gets a solid 6-12 inches, while the ski resorts get a solid 12-18"+ of fluffy white gold. There will no doubt be packed powder conditions up there all this week.

Next chance of snow comes Thursday.

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