Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another 'Wet' Storm Saturday

Today's snow threat seems to be whaning ATTM. The shield over western NY State looks to be too far north and heading in a NNE direction to give SNE any meaningful snows this afternoon. I still like my forecast from yesterday, I would just move all the snow boundries up north by say 50 miles. Boston will probably not break the record today. The last chance would be on Monday, New Year's Eve and there is an ocean storm threat, but at this point, it looks like it will stay mostly out to see. Our next storm comes tomorrow night into early Saturday morning, as a rainstorm. It may begin as a brief period of some mixed rain/sleet/snow far N&W of Boston and Worcester, but even there it should change to all rain. The snow will be confined to extreme northern Vermont and New Hampshire. Maine looks to do pretty good with this storm, especially from Bangor, points north. In these areas, Saturday's storm good potentially dump 6-12" of snowfall. That will freshen up the bases as today many ski areas in central VT, NH, and ME will see a general 3-6" snowfall with the LP in NY sweeping towards the coastline. Sunday brings slightly colder air, upper 30's, which is seasonable for the date, before we have that potential miss on Monday.

Right now I would say that there will be a few snow showers in the air for First Night, but I can claim to much more than that. Temperatures around midnight Tuesday will be very cold. Boston will likely see temperatures dipping into the middle 20's as areas outside of the city will quickly be falling through the upper 10's. This will yield a frigid and windy back to school Wednesday with temperatures in the morning in the single digits, while afternoon temperatures only struggle to hit 20 degrees. Thereafter, we will have a 3-4 day period of cold weather before the entire country east of the Rockies will start to warm up. We could see next week with highs in the 20's mainly, but going into the weekend and especially the next week, we could be seeing high temperatures pushing 55-60 degrees. The January Thaw. Its a long way out, so it will need to be watched.

Thats all for today.

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