Saturday, December 22, 2007

Heavy Rains Raise Flooding Worries Sunday

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Thursday's storm system was quite the snow producer for eastern New England. Many areas in eastern MA and NH and ME saw between 6-10" of snowfall. Boston picked up over seven inches of snowfall, putting their December snowfall stats up to 26.9" for the month. Now with snowpacks of 10-20" across southern New England, tomorrow raises my worries for street and basement flooding. The roads have shrunk, clogging many drains with ice and snow. This will be bad with rapid snow melt tomorrow and heavy rains, on the order of one-half to one inch of rainfall. This will add to the 2-3" of liquid equivalency in our snowpack right now for a grand total of 4", on our roofs. It could be a bad day tomorrow for collapsing roofs. Thereafter, we will cool down, but not to the levels where we have been the entire month. Maybe upper 30's to around 40. Nothing too cold. Next storm threat comes Thursday, but that looks to be mostly out to sea. It will be watched nonetheless. Enjoy your last minute shopping today.

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