Saturday, December 08, 2007

FINAL CALL...Dec 9-10 Snowstorm

9PM UPDATE: I am making my final snowfall forecast for the storm system coming through tomorrow night and early Monday morning. This will be no means be a blockbuster or even major storm, but it will be a good storm to mess up tomorrow night's plans and morning commutes on Monday. I have generally made the 2-4" range a bit bigger, encompassing much of SNE north of the Pike. Further north of here into southern NH, is where I would expect the jackpot with this storm. Here I can envision 4-6" of snow coming down before we even talk about a mixture with sleet before it ends very early Monday morning. Boston will get an inch or two before a mix with sleet and freezing rain, but areas in the pink, especially away from the southern coast of the South Shore will stay below freezing through the storm. Its just the fact that the upper levels where the snowflakes form will warm just enough for a change from snow to sleet midway through. The Cape will be above freezing through most of the storm.

Winter Storm Watches have been posted for interior SNE, south of I-90 this afternoon for ice accretions of 0.3" to 0.5"+, which would cause havoc on the power lines and trees. Widespread power outages would be possible. This may either go to a warning (winter or ice storm) or advisory tomorrow and north of the Pike will see a winter weather advisory go up, if not a Winter Storm Warning in southern New Hampshire. I will have more on this forecast tomorrow.

Snowfall/Ice for a few selected cities....

Providence, RI....2" (to sleet/ice)
Harford, CT....1" (to freezing rain)
Boston, MA....2" (to sleet/rain)
Worcester, MA....2.5" (to sleet)
Fitchburg, MA....4" (some sleet mixes in at end)
Burlington, MA....3.5" (sleet mixes in around conclusion)
Lowell, MA....5"
Nashua, NH....5"
Keene, NH....5"
Springfield, MA....2" (to sleet/freezing rain)
Cape Cod....Mainly rain

Thats all for tonight. More tomorrow.

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