Sunday, September 30, 2007

Welcoming in October to Indian Summer

I am back posting after a week off, been busy with work. Well we are right back where we left off. Dry weather and above normal temperatures. Tuesday and Wednesday was amazing with highs in the low to mid 90's and dewpoints around 70. I was questioning whether our climate had changed. But early this morning we were reminded that it can get cool. Norwood was in the upper 30's and they may be a few degrees cooler overnight tonight. Tomorrow will be another cool day, but right on target for average with a high in the upper 60's. Then the jet stream heads back up north into southern Canada sending all storms and rain up into Canada and pumps the heat back into SNE. Wednesday, the first day of the playoffs at Fenway should be nice and mild as the Red Sox take on the Angels in the ALDS. It may be a little cloudy as the true warm air starts to head back into SNE for the weekend. We are talking 80's by late week and into next weekend, once again. Its a broken record. So what can we expect during the month of October. Here is the October Preview.

Boston and its Suburbs Averages_____________________________________

Boston...........October 1st 67/51

Boston...........October 31st 57/42

Boston's highest temperature for the month of October is 90 degrees, set on October 12, 1954. The lowest temperature recorded is 25 degrees, set on multiple occaisions. Average rainfall is 3.79". Boston usually will see its first non-accumulating snow by late month.

Boston's Nearby Suburbs..........October 1st 67/44

Boston's Nearby Suburbs..........October 31st 57/35

I will use Bedford, MA for reference. Bedford's highest temperature for the month of October is 89 degrees, set on October 7, 1963. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the month was 16 degrees, set on Halloween 1966. The average rainfall is 4.37" with nearby suburbs seeing their first light accumulating snow towards the end of the month about once every 3-4 years. ______________________________________________________________

How will it be this October? Early indications are that it will be an above average month, temperature wise, with early departures likely making it a positive month. We have an equal chance of seeing normal rainfall, but I would bet it will stay mostly dry. East of the Rockies, temperatures will be very much above normal, generally a good +1 to +3 departure. In the upper Midwest, +4 dept. cannot be ruled out. The West Coast will be much Below normal with above normal precipitation. Temperatures out there will be a good -1 to -3 degrees below normal. Early season snow will fall in the mountains, building up their snowpack steadily towards the end of the month, likely. No Halloween skiing anywhere in the East. Its going to stay warm here this month.

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