Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Forecast More Like July than Late September

This forecast looks more like that out of a week out of July. Temperatures will stay well above normal by 10-15 degrees through the period with the cooler days, Friday and Sunday, still much above normal. Tomorrow is day one of the return of the summer weather. Highs should be getting into the lower 80's, under abundant sunshine. A dry front will move through parts of SNE on Thursday night and introduce a cooler airmass, ever so slightly, into SNE, dropping temperatures from the low and middle 80's to around 80 inland, 70's at the shore. The warm air surges right back with a warm front going through the area and temperatures will respond nicely, middle 80's widespread throughout the southern part of the six state region. Another cold front, dry, moves through on Sunday, the first official day of autumn, "cooling" us down into the mid 70's.

The heat surges right back early next week and we will be into the 80's on Monday and Tuesday with an extended period of warmth, to downright hot weather. The jet stream is surging into southern Canada and as long as the jet stream stays in a trough in the West and huge ridge here in the East, storms will continue to track through the Northern Plains, up through the Great Lakes and into southern Quebec, dragging mostly dry, weak cold fronts down to our area. Temperatures looks to stay well above average through next week. October is showing signs that it could be an very warm month as well. We will see how this all affects the winter forecasts.

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