Saturday, September 01, 2007

Take Advantage

Here we are in the "unofficial" last weekend of Summer 2007. Could you ask for a better ending to a great summer. This entire week looks to be completely dry and completely sunny with seasonable temperatures on Sunday before warming up for the last real summer BBQ's on Labor Day, Monday. Temperatures should get into the upper 80's and lower 90's away from the shore on Labor Day this year. It will be somewhat humid, but again, not oppressively so. Dewpoints will be in the low 60's. You'll feel it, but it won't be that bad and it will not last that long. We are back into the 70's by Tuesday and in the lower 70's on Wednesday with cooling seabreezes along the coast possible. Later next week, we will really start to heat up to the point where we may be in the 90's by Friday, just in time for many local high school football teams to kick off another season. The heat won't last and we could really get some nice fall air in the eastern third of the country by later next week.

In the tropics, Tropical Storm Felix formed this morning and has winds up to 45 mph at the 8AM hour. It will continue to strengthen and head in a westerly direction, south of where Dean went. It could strike the Yucatan, the southern part, or Belize, sometime this week as a Category 1 or 2 storm with winds approaching 100-110 mph. We'll see how this develops. More on Tropical Storm Felix later.

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