Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tropical Threat Whaning...

The tropic threat is still alive out there as the storm has not even developed, but so many are already discounting this storm as an out to sea special. I still think it is too early to discount a storm before it actually has developed or gotten her name, Gabrielle. We'll see.

In the meantime, Thursday will be a great day across SNE. Thursday will be partly cloudy with temperatures around 80. Early morning temperatures at the bus stop will cause many to want to bring a sweatshirt with them. Lows will likely fall into the low-mid 40's in the usual cold spots of SNE, to around 56 in the city. The heat is back for Friday and Saturday and even the first part of Sunday, with increasing humidity along the way. Friday will likely get up into the mid-upper 80's, with relatively low humidity, dewpoints in the 50's. Saturday will get a tad bit more sticky with dewpoints around 60 and highs getting all the way into the lower 90's away from the shores.

Right now I have highs advertised in the mid 80's for Sunday, but if that front gets here quicker, rain showers will likely cool us down into the 70's for highs during the day on Sunday, with very high humidity. Monday would be the day that we would get hit with whatever moisture is left from the tropical system. Highs will be much cooler in the northerly winds brought down from the tropical system. This will usher in some real cool fall air after this tropical system departs, bringing in temperatures into the 60's for Tuesday. Lows will be back into the 40's and perhaps even some 30's after this front passes.

So thats it, one more cold night. Probably doesn't get down to 39 degrees in Norwood tonight, as I think this is the second or third time they have dipped into the upper 30's. Then the heat and cool weather next week.

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