Friday, September 07, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Going outside today is a real shock to the system. It feels like we are back in the midst of the swealtering days of July. Temperatures across eastern southern New England have come up into the lower 90's, with dewpoints in the muggy range, creating a heat index in the mid 90's. Don't expect much relief from the heat tomorrow. Overnight lows will struggle to get below 70 in many spots with very humid conditions, which I can imagine will be very tough for high school football players tonight in many kickoff games. Tomorrow starts off with a good launching pad with temperatures already in the low to mid 70's by 7-8AM. This will shoot us up into afternoon temperatures in the low to middle 90's, pegging a general Boston metro high of around 93 degrees. The record for tomorrow in Boston is 95 degrees set in 1872, but I don't think that Boston will break or even tie that record of over 130 years.

Cooler air, but still humid is on tap for Sunday and early Monday with the possibility of a few showers, but many of them will stay up north where the stationary wavering front will likely stay most of the time. Temperatures will be knocked down into the 70's. Right now, that area of disturbed weather east of the Carolinas is finally reaching a period that it will be able to develop, and quite quickly. It won't be explosive development, but it will be impressive. It should be a Tropical Storm or Depression by the end of the day. Many models take it to the North Carolina coast and then move it up to about the Del Marva, before jutting it out well south of Nantucket and the Cape. Most of the rain will miss SNE to the SE as well, so no soaking rains of 2"+ for our lawns, which it so desperately needs. The next shot of rain showers comes Wednesday, but it will not be a whole lot of water. Just a chance of some showers. Very isolated in nature as well.

Thereafter, we dry and cool to around 70 degrees to round off the work week, next week. Enjoy your weekend and if you can, get to your favorite beach or pool to enjoy tomorrow's summer redux. Who knows, it could be the last real summery day. Its getting to be that time of change again.

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