Monday, September 24, 2007

Record Heat Tomorrow

Record heat is in the forecast for tomorrow. The record high for Boston tomorrow is 89 degrees. I believe that Boston will either tie it or break it by 1-2 degrees. I am going for a general SNE high of 91 degrees tomorrow. It will be cooler on the Cape and Islands with temperatures in the 70's, with the strong SW wind of 20-30 mph. Don't expect things to cool down on Wednesday. If anything it will be hotter by a few degrees, but Boston will not reach a record high because the record for the 26th is 95 degrees. I think Boston will come in around 92 or 93 degrees for the high, still very high for the date. Is this unprecedented heat? No. Our latest 90 degree temperature was on October 12th, so we can still have 90 degree temperature, climatalogically, for the next 2-3 weeks. I think this will be our last blast from summer this season though.

Rain moves in Thursday afternoon and night and becomes steady, moving in from the Mid Atlantic and New York City. It should be a soaking rain, likely a 0.5" to 0.75" event, wrapping up early Friday morning, setting for a cooler Friday and especially Saturday, but the high of 68 on Saturday will be right on par with the average high for the date. We warm right back up for Sunday, back in the mid 70's. Its looking like the jet stream will pretty much stay in the pattern of giving SNE warm air. All the cool air will stay in the intermountain West as parts of Montana have seen plenty of snow the past few days.

More on the record heat tomorrow!

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