Monday, September 03, 2007

The End is Near to this Perfect Stretch

Our great stretch of weather is continuing this week as Labor Day weekend comes to a close with temperatures getting up to around 90 in many locations this afternoon, including the beaches, where I am sure are very packed today. If you don't have work or school tomorrow, I would advise you to get to the beach or pool if you can. This week, I strongly advise all of you to get at least one more trip to the beach and pool, because the end of this great stretch of weather is starting to come into sight. After this work week and weekend, I see the end. Next week looks to be much cooler and rainier than what we had the entire month of August.

Until then we have great weather for this week. Highs tomorrow will get into the upper 70's to around 80 under mostly sunny skies. The drier air will allow the lows overnight to get rather cold on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Lows on Wednesday morning will likely be 40-45 in Boston's suburbs, with Boston staying in the 54-59 degree range. Thursday morning will be extremely cold with lows in Boston's suburbs falling back all the way to 38-45 degrees. Boston will be warmer with lows in the 52-56 degree range. Don't worry this cold will be replaced with weekend heat.

Weekend heat! Highs on Friday will start to heat up back into the upper 80's with Saturday getting all the way into the lower 90's! Overnight lows won't dip into the 40's, but instead will be in the 60's to around 70, even in Boston's coolest suburbs! It will feel like summer at its peak. Sunday will be the last day of the warmth and sun as Monday of next week looks to usher in some rain showers, progressively getting heavier, and much cooler air with a wind off the water. Monday's highs will likely only be around 70 and Tuesday could be the wettest and coolest day since this past spring with highs possibly right around 60 at the shore and low 60's inland with a heavy rain. Its still a long way out, but after that we will still get some warmth as the entire front will head north of us later next week and we should return to humid and warm conditions, at least for a little while, but it won't be with 100 percent sunshine that we have experienced.

Enjoy this great weather.

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