Saturday, September 22, 2007

Summer Makes a Return in a Big Way

Happy 4th of July everybody, ope, my bad, its late afternoon on September 22nd and its around 80 at 5PM. I thought it was July for a second. The summer beat continues at least for a little while. I can't tell if this will be the last hurrah for summer, but each time we have one of these hurrah's I think that it will be the last one, but looking down about seven days, we always see the heat building again. Tomorrow, the first day of fall will feel anything but fall. Highs overall will be around 80 inland and mid 70's along the shore. Another beach day in my opinion. We step it up a bit for Monday with highs around 80-85. Then look at the forecast for Tuesday. Can you believe your eyes, lower 90's. It won't last long, just a one day stand. Cooler air comes in with a stalling cold front on Wednesday before we return to seasonable weather for later in the week. Upper 60's look cool, but that will actually be right at average for Friday of next week!

Enjoy the last day of summer.

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