Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pleasant Weather Here; Twin Tropical Trouble

Our weather is fine here today. It is a little bit windy with winds gusting over 30 mph, making for a bad hair day. Other than that, with temperatures in the 70's and partly cloudy skies, you can't ask for much more. Tomorrow will be a cooler day, with temperatures only making it to about 70, after early morning lows in the 40's. As advertised, Friday will be a nice and warm day with highs getting into the upper 70's. It will feel nice. The next shot of light rain showers, widely scattered, will come during the day on Saturday. I am not certain of the timing, but what these showers will do is usher in some very chilly air from Canada. Highs on Sunday will struggle to get to 60 in most places. Early morning lows early next week will be quite low as well. Suburbia will likely bottom out in the mid and upper 30's, both Monday and Tuesday mornings. So, this means you may want to wear layers and just shed them during the day as afternoon temperatures warm.

The tropics are making headlines as well today. First I will talk about the Tropical Depression in the Gulf of Mexico, within miles of the southeast coast of Texas. Winds with this system are 35 mph, so it is close to TS status. It may make it to about 40 mph, but that would be about it. It only has about 30-50 miles of water left before it makes landfall in Texas. The other concern is out in the middle of the Atlantic off the African coast. It is a more impressive looking system on the satellites, and has lots of time to mature into something major, if it doesn't get pulled north into the "Hurricane Graveyard," which this storm has all the potential to do. By this weekend, it should be gaining strength, likely becoming a hurricane, heading for the eastern Atlantic. Its still days away from even affecting any type of landmass, so we won't worry about this one until Saturday.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

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