Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summery Stretch Continues

Our summery weather will continue for at least a little while longer. Considering that it is nearly October, stringing together 5-7 consecutive days of mostly sunny days with highs around 80 is simply astounding. Tomorrow brings much of the same. Highs tomorrow will be ever so slightly cooler, mainly in the upper 70's. Then as I have been saying over and over, Saturday really warms, getting into the middle 80's. It looked like Sunday would cool, but now it looks like the first day of autumn will still feel like July. Highs for SNE will average around 82 degrees. That is the normal high for Boston for July 20th! Not the first day of fall. Monday will be 85 degrees for a southern New England average, a temperature that is above the the warmest day of the year's average temperature, 83 degrees in late July-early August. Tuesday is still warm and then we deal with a staggering front that will start to really cool us into Wednesday with increasing clouds and the threat of showers later in the day. We may be talking 80's to begin the week, and then 60's to round it off. Its the time of extremes.

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