Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our Weather

Are you ready for a hot Labor Day. If you were hoping for one last great beach day, your prayers were answered. This Labor Day will be one of the best we have seen in some years. The heat will be there, but it will not feel all that bad. September heat is different than heat in July or early August. Expect perfect weather for the beach, or in your backyard for a BBQ. Temperatures will get into the upper 80's during the afternoon hours, but then quickly fall through the 70's through the late afternoon hours and evening, falling down to around 60 by morning. Tuesday, when many go back to school, will be another beach day if you can get the chance, with highs in the lower 80's and 100 percent sunshine. We really cool off for Wednesday with highs right around 70 and lows getting into the 40's in many areas. Boston will likely fall into the lower 50's. Our cooler spots like Bedford, Plymouth, and Norwood will likely fall around 40 by sunrise. I wouldn't be surprised if Norwood fell into the upper 30's as this morning they fell to 40 degrees.

We warm right back up by the weekend with highs in the 80's by Thursday and pushing 90 by both Friday and Saturday. Enjoy it while it lasts because indications are that by mid month, we will start to cool off with more in the way of rain and clouds, which wouldn't be a bad thing as we could really use some rain to green up these lawns.

Have a nice, comfortable, relaxing, Labors' Day.

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