Sunday, September 02, 2007

Felix Becomes Second Major Hurricane

After Dean, the tropics started to "cool" off for a while, but they are alive and kicking in this peak time of the hurricane season. (actual peak September 10th) Felix has quickly gained hurricane status after becoming a minimal tropical storm yesterday morning at the 8AM update.

Felix became a hurricane last night with winds of 75 mph, but quickly gained strength over the warm waters south of where Dean tracked.

Currently, Hurricane Felix is a strong Category 3 storm with winds of 125 mph, nearly a Category 4 storm. It has already achieved major hurricane status and is only going to intensify as it heads toward the Yucatan's southern coasts, including Belize. Felix should become a Category 4 storm by tomorrow night as winds will be in the 135-145 mph range. It should head over the Yucatan and then spill into the Gulf as a tropical storm and then intensify again to a hurricane, Category 1 or 2 before hitting the coast of old Mexico again, but the southern coasts of Texas is not out of the woods yet. Its still a long way out.

More on this developing situation later and there could be more things brewing in the Atlantic as well, farther away, and closer to home here in southern New England. Updates on these entities as well if they should develop.

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