Sunday, September 02, 2007

UPDATE: Fierce Felix; Category 5

Hurricane Felix has just reached Category 5 status with maximum winds of 165 mph, with higher gusts of around 200 mph! This storm has stronger winds at any point during destructive Category 5 Dean's lifespan. Dean "only" managed winds of 155 mph at its peak.

Everything is still the same with Felix, just that now it looks to hit the southern Yucatan as a strong Cat 4 or is being forecasted to hit by the NHC as a Category 5 storm, again. It'll be interesting to see if Felix reaches its peak, around 175 mph, and then its winds will have to come down. Its like throwing a ball against the ceiling. No matter how high you throw it, it will hit a cap, and then start to head down. That could be the saving grace for Mexico/Belize.

More updates tomorrow.

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