Thursday, September 06, 2007

Summer Returns

Summer is returning to SNE Friday in a big way. While kids are cooped up in classes and you can call in, I would advise you to do so. The beaches will be practically empty, but it will be one of the best beach days all summer long. Temperatures will likely get up to 90 at the beaches tomorrow with water temperatures still warm in the mid 60's, what more could you ask for. If you wait until Saturday to get to the beach, you will likely see big crowds and they will likely try to make a few bucks by putting someone out to collect the $20-30 at the parking lots. After Saturday's heat, I do not see any 90's in the next week to two weeks, so this could be it, but I wouldn't bet my house on it. We will likely see 80's to perhaps 90 again before this month is over.

The deal for Sunday is that we will get a couple showers and thunderstorms with a cold front, but I do not see a soaking rain from the tropical system down south that has struggled so mightily to develop the past several days. The models keep showing this thing weaker and weaker with each passing run, so I am losing confidence that this thing will even develop past a minimal tropical storm (40-50 mph) if that. Thereafter, we will keep the risk of some showers, but the risk will be very slight at best. Temperatures will be on the cooldown though with highs getting back into the 70's after Monday's abnormally cool afternoon with highs stuck in the upper 60's with the wind coming off the water here in eastern New England. We'll see if summer doesn't have just one or two more gasps before this month is out. October is known for good 80 degree days as well, so don't bum out just yet if you think this weekend is the last of the summery weather we will see until next June.

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