Friday, July 06, 2007

Severe Storms Poised to Move into SNE Early this PM

Widespread thunderstorms, many severe have developed in northern New England late this morning and early this afternoon. There are about a dozen counties in northern New England with a *Severe Thunderstorm Warning. The NWS out of Taunton has not issued a Watch, but I do see it prudent to tell you of the storms that are developing into a line at this time and heading towards SNE.

Right now there is a pretty nasty line of storms, in a hook echo, in southern Vermont, moving SE at this present time. These storms will have wind gusts easily over 60mph if not higher. These are attached to a greater line of severe thunderstorms that extend into northern New Hampshire and Maine. There is an intense complex of thunderstorms that is just about ready to enter North Conway, NH. It is too late for hikers up there, but if you are fishing or plan on going hiking anywhere in the north-central NH region in the next one to three hours, I would strongly advise you to stay indoors or seek shelter if the storms arrive and you are caught in the elements. These storms can sneak up up you and are very dangerous if you are caught outside fishing or hiking without the proper shelter. Lightning kills way too many, a sad fact of life.

These storms will continue to move southeastward towards the coastline later this afternoon. If these storms hold together, we will see extremely heavy rains, strong winds, frequent lightning, and even the possibility of small to medium sized hail.

Again, I am emphasizing that the NWS has not issued any type of Watch for SNE, but I warn you that it does not take a Watch to get severe thunderstorms. Northern New England is experiencing that fact right now with widespread warnings.

Be safe. When you hear the thunder, get inside.

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