Friday, July 27, 2007

A Quiet Unpublicised Boston Heatwave

Interesting to note, Boston offically recorded its second heatwave of the 2007 Summer season today. We have had three consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher. Our last heatwave came at the end of last month and I'm sure there will be more to come. Who would have thought that we would be in the midst of an official heatwave around these parts on Monday when temperatures were in the 60's for afternoon highs! The weather can surely change dramatically around here.

Boston's heatwave stats went like this....

Wednesday's High 90

Thursday's High 92

Friday's High 92

That is an offical heatwave. Where I live in metrowest, I did not see a heatwave. Wednesday I only managed 88 degrees, Thursday I did hit 93 degrees and this afternoon I hit 92 degrees respectively. Tomorrow doesn't look like I will reach 90, likely topping out around 86 tomorrow afternoon, and Boston will likely top out around 85-88 degrees. Then the rain moves in tomorrow overnight and Sunday.

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