Monday, July 09, 2007

Second Round of Severe Storms Tomorrow?

Today's storms this morning rumbled through and quite frankly, I though that would be it. However, that was not the case. The stubborn front stayed west of eastern New England, just head out to Worcester and temperatures this afternoon were approaching 90 degrees. Move inside Route 495 and the temperatures never really got out of the 60's and its been a really raw day. Thunderstorms developed in northern New England and moved southeastward into northern Massachusetts. The weaken as the move into the marine air, however. A few may move through tonight and then the front will push northeastward early tomorrow morning to get Boston to around 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon.

Places further out west including Springfield and Hartford will likely get to between 93-97 degrees. Eastern New England will feature temperatures in the 88-92 degree range. Thunderstorms, some very strong to severe will develop in the afternoon and hit some places while missing others. How they develop tomorrow will determine who and when towns will be hit.

More showers and storms come through Wednesday night into early Thursday with the passage of a front that will kick all of this steamy air out to the Atlantic Ocean. Highs by Friday will be nice and mild, near 80 with very low humidity. Nothing better.

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