Saturday, July 07, 2007

Excessive Heat on the Way

The hottest weather of the year seems to be on the way for SNE. It first comes later tonight with the warm air moving into SNE with a few showers. This will introduce the humidity again and temperatures tomorrow will get back to around 90 degrees. Then we will have the hottest day of the summer.

Monday will start out very sultry with temperatures likely in the mid to upper 70's regionwide, even in the suburbs. Even the coolest suburbs will likely stay above 70 for an overnight low temperature. That will be a good launching pad for temperatures to really heat up here in SNE, well into the upper 90's to around 100 degrees. The humidity will be extremely high as well with dewpoints around or slightly over 70 degrees, making it feel even more oppressive. Heat indices could easily get to between 105-110 degrees on Monday afternoon. It will be that bad, and we could be dealing with very unhealthy air qualities for most people, not just the unusually sensitive. All of us will be suffering from the extreme heat, and it could prove to become quite dangerous. To escape the heat on Monday, go North. Northern New England will likely only be in the 80's and parts of northern Maine will likely be only in the mid 70's because of the front will be up there with showers and thunderstorms throughout most of the day. Northern New England at this time will be the battleground and the showers and thunderstorms will be pretty heavy with rainfall amounts possibly in the 1-2" range. It will be localized, but Monday could be a pretty rainy day for most of you up there who are hiking, fishing, or just up there to escape the heat on vacation.

Then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be a low confidence forecast. Right now I am going with SNE being on the hazy, hot, and humid side of the front with temperatures in the 80's to around 90 degrees throughout the period. However, if we get on the other side of the front or are anywhere close to the front, showers and thunderstorm could be more widespread and temperatures could be a good 6-10 degrees cooler than advertised on the forecast above. Either way a front will move offshore of the eastern US and bring an end to all this heat, possible heatwave for Boston, not sure at this time. New York City on south, through Philadelphia which is under an Excessive Heat Watch at the present time through Baltimore and Washington DC and Virginia and North Carolina could be seeing this excessive heat from today with temperatures in the mid 90's and then warm up to near 100 degrees from Sunday through Thursday! It could be a heatwave for them of epic porportions.

We will likely see a regular period of New England summer heat, but it will send our power plants into overdrive as demand for electricity will be going through the roof the next week at least. By next Friday, we will start to cool down and the heatwave will be all but a distant memory. The beaches will be packed!

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