Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heat Turns Up Early Next Week...

The heat will be on again early next week. We will feel the onslaught of the heat to round off the weekend with temperatures getting to around 90 degrees by Sunday. Monday will be the hottest of the stretch with temperatures getting all the way into the middle 90's and since this is a good four-five days away, I am playing this forecast conservative. Temperatures could easily get into the upper 90's. The humidity will be very high at this time as well, with dewpoints getting back to around 70 degrees.

It is really feeling sticky today and the dewpoint is only in the mid 60's, a far cry from the crisp and comfortable dewpoints from the past few days that were in the mid to upper 40's. We have a small chance of making this our second heat wave in Boston with close calls of 90 degrees for Sunday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. It should cool off later next week though.

Just for mention, the tropics looks ominously quiet at this time with very little if anything out there at this time. There are only a couple tropical waves that have zero chance of developing, so not to worry, the calm spell continues.

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