Friday, July 27, 2007

Lots of Rain...But There Will be Sun Too

The QPF for the next 4-5 days looks scary to vacationers. It really isn't though. The next 5 days, SNE stands to see anywhere between 1-3" of rainfall regionwide. It will not rain from tomorrow through Monday, but there will be times when the rain will be coming down in buckets, while other times we have hours upon hours of dry weather with sun too. The wettest day still looks to be Sunday, with numerous showers and thunderstorms and they may continue into the day on Monday as well. Both days look to be on the mostly soggy side, but even on these days, there will likely be dry periods as well. I cannot stress this enough. Although we are entering a wet and unsettled period of weather, there will be times of dry weather. It will not always be raining. The rain may come down heavy enough at times on Sunday and perhaps Monday that there is some brief street flooding. But there will also be times during the same day, possibly within hours when the pavement will be dry and the sun could be shining. So if you have plans for this Sunday or Monday, do not cancel, just have backup plans just in case. If you're having everyone over for an outdoor BBQ on Sunday, plan on having it outdoors, but if the weather turns, make sure its ok if everyone can make it inside. This unsettled weather should taper early next week and we will see the sun again. This last weekend of July, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, will feature lots of rain, but will be warm, in the 80's, so all those outdoor plans should go without a hitch, just a few rain delays.

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