Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Perfect Sunday

It doesn't get any more summery than this six day forecast. Temperatures in the 70's to begin then mid and upper 80's by the end of the period. The only reason those mid and upper 80's are not mid and upper 90's is because there will be a cutoff low developing in the Mid Atlantic, which will retrograte west towards the Mississippi River. This will punch the heat in the Midwest and West in the gut and prevent it from reaching the east coast at its full potential. Yesterday, it looked like that heat would make it to the coast at nearly full potential, but looking at the computer models today, searing heat is not likely for later in the week. That doesn't mean a big ridge will eventually develop later at the end of July and early in August. That heat will still be there and will need to come east eventually. To me, I want to get the cycle of east coast ridges down in mid-late summer because that means we can have a nice and cool fall and hopefully set up a semi-permanent pattern heading into the winter that would favor more in the way of snow and cold. Just a little wives tale. Hot summers lead to snowy winters. Totally unscientifically based...but who knows.

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