Friday, July 13, 2007

Nearing the Dog Days...

A typical summery week is likely this week. Temperatures will be at very summery levels, mainly in the lower to mid 80's through the period and overnight lows will likely stay in the low to mid 60's. On a few days there will be a chance of a thunderstorm or two with increased humidity in the air by early next week, but other than that there is nothing to really talk about concerning the our weather here in SNE. We got it easy compared to the people dealing with the massive flooding in the lower Great Plains, in Texas and the severe heat and drought conditions of the Southeast and Southwest. The Northwest is under an intense heatwave as well right now with temperatures every single day getting the century mark. A typhoon is forecasted to slam parts of Japan in the coming days as well with winds in the range of 110-120 mph. The island of Okinawa could face the worst of the storm with a direct hit.

You see, we have got it good here in Southern New England.

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