Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August Starts Off Perfectly

Tomorrow will be one of those days that you wish you could bottle up and keep for those rainy days we get in the fall and spring and snowy days we get in the wintertime. Tomorrow will just be nothing short of perfect for all season's lovers. Whether you are a winter lover or summer lover, you will appreciate tomorrow.

Highs will get into the mid 70's at the shores with temperatures maybe getting a degree or two above 80 degrees just inland. There will be abundant sunshine and a light breeze that will feel very refreshing. This will not last forever. Highs will get back into the 90's by Thursday and Friday. The NWS has also outlined an increased risk for severe thunderstorms around our area on Friday afternoon when a front from the northwest will try and squash the heat and humidity. It will not squash the heat as we will likely get back to around 90 degrees on Saturday, but we will cool a tad on Sunday, before we heat back up for Monday. Early indications are that we here in the East will start to bake, while the West Coast will get a chance to cool down. This looks like a good pattern shift all the way through the middle of August.

The tropics are really starting to heat up and I will have more on it tomorrow and I just want to say WELCOME KEVIN GARNETT and ERIC GAGNE. WELCOME to Boston guys.

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