Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Snow in June!

Snow and lots of it in fact is in the forecast for parts of the country tomorrow night into Thursday. The upper Rockies states, in Montana with elevations of 6000 feet or higher are currently under a Winter Storm Watch for heavy accumulating snow. An upper level low has moved into the NW part of the US and has brought with it rain and wind to the Seattle and Portland, OR areas. This wind and rain translates to snow and wind in the mountains of Montana and Idaho.

Tonight snowfall of 3-6" is possible in the central mountains of Idaho. Tomorrow the cold air moves in with the snow to the mountains near Great Falls, MT. Snow will become quite heavy towards nighttime as temperatures cool to below freezing, which will allow for the snow to accumulate as quick as it can in early June. We are not talking about a little dusting of snow either. Most areas about 6000 feet will pick up anywhere between 8-12" of snowfall and a few of the higher mountaintops over 7400 feet will likely wind up with closer to 12-24" of the white stuff. Is this rare? Well, it would surprise you that it is not that rare. The rare thing is that just a few days ago in the places that will see near blizzard conditions tomorrow night on early-mid June, they were setting record highs well into the 80's and 90's. Tomorrow night these same places will be in the upper 20's with moderate to heavy snow much of the time.

That is the amazing thing. This doesn't translate into a SNE freak June snowstorm, as we will stay safely above freezing for likely until early-mid September. So don't worry, I just thought this would be a cool thing to post for weather enthusiasts like me out there.

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