Thursday, June 28, 2007

BREAKING: Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued and Official Heat Wave in Boston

Boston has come in with a temperature of 90 degrees the past hour, making it three consecutive days of 90 degrees or better. This is the first official "Heat Wave" of the early Summer '07 season. I'm sure there is plenty more heat to come this summer.

Also breaking, a *Severe Thunderstorm Watch* has been issued for all of CT, RI, and much of MA, through NH and ME for the possibility of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail, torrential downpours, and frequent lightning.

The *Severe Thunderstorm Watch* is in effect for the Boston/Providence metro areas until 10PM tonight. Scattered thunderstorms are starting to form over the Hartford, CT area at this time and are quickly forming and gradually heading east. CT and RI should be envoloped in thunderstorm activity by 5-7PM and the thunderstorms could conglomerate on the South Coast to give more of a beneficial rainfall.

Thunderstorms, severe at that, have developed in Maine as well. These thunderstorms just went through Bangor, ME with strong winds in excess of 60 mph. More should develop across the mountains and higher terrain of ME and head in a SE direction towards the sea coast and be there anytime now from 4PM and last through 8-10PM.

Whether we get thunderstorm development in the Boston metro area remains to be seen. Based on the computer models it looks like the Boston metro area from north of Springfield through Fitchburg, Worcester towards Boston, Lowell, Taunton, Quincy, could be sandwiched between the heaviest of thunderstorms and rain. However, we are currently under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10:00PM, so there is a good chance that thunderstorms will at least try and graze the Boston metropolitan area. Not a sure bet though.

Thats all for now, should any real heavy duty thunderstorm threaten the area, I will be back to post.

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